DeLarue Dance Centre

Margie Venable

Margie graduated from Delarue Dance Centre in 2016, completing 15 years of dance. While at Delarue she was a member of Delarue and Company for four years.

She is a 2016 graduate of Lafayette High School, where she graduated with honors and was awarded an Academic Excellence Scholarship to UL. 

Margie graduated cum laude from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette while majoring in Strategic Communication with a concentration in Advertising, earning a Bachelor of Arts in 2020. Margie maintained a 3.6 GPA and was named to the President’s List and the Dean’s List during her academic career. 

Margie is currently working with Asbury UMC as a copywriter and social media content creator with hopes to pursue a career as copywriter in the future.

Margie Venable